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PlasmaClear® uses the application of plasma energy, which emits ions and plasma radicals onto the skin to target and break down bacteria on a molecular level to completely sterilize the skin, cleansing it at the cellular level. This treatment also helps to reduce hyperpigmentation, increase collagen remodeling, and improve overall skin health.

Unlike other products that use lasers or needles, Plason is painless, non-invasive, and relaxing. 

PlasmaClear® is the perfect 5-minute treatment to pair with your other skin treatments.

"Having suffered for the last couple of years with hormonal acne, I cannot say enough great things about Plason. In the past, I tried everything from home remedies to medication to lifestyle changes. Nothing worked until this. My face feels calmer, is brighter, my lines were not as visible and the pain is gone. The best part for me was how quick each session was, so I could get right back to my busy life. I can't wait to set up more sessions and try the other treatments on Plason using the serums for hydration!"
- Maggie W


PlasmaFacial utilizes the same innovative plasma technology, with the added benefit of sonoporation technology. The application of plasma energy to the skin opens the skin cell adhesion molecules, dramatically increasing the skin’s absorption rate. A transdermal serum is applied, which is then driven further to the depth of the dermis using the sonoporation handpiece.

As we age, our skin tissue loosens and loses collagen. Plason treatments produce a tightening of the dermal tissues and an improvement in dermal density, which means tighter, firmer, younger, and healthier-looking skin. Clinical studies have shown an increase in dermal density after just one Plason treatment!

"I've had amazing results with a series of Plason treatments! I saw an immediate increase in facial tone and hydration with the added benefit of improved skin texture and reduced pore size over time. I would highly recommend this quick, non-invasive treatment!"
- Maggie Y

Perfect For:

- Clients taking medications like Accutane.
- Adolescents experiencing acne.
- Pairing with other facials.
- People looking for results fast.
- Individuals with hyperpigmentation.
- People those looking to brighten their skin and restore a more youthful appearance.


Active/Cystic Acne
Transdermal Serum Delivery
Skin Sterilization
Skin Rejuvenation and Tightening

What We Provide:

Risk-Free Trial Period

To help our partners get started and make sure their customers love Plason, we provide a free 4-week trial period to generate revenue fast with no risk.

Cancel Anytime

We're so confident in Plason that we let our partners cancel anytime, no questions asked. We even cover the cost of shipping if they return.

No Upfront Costs

Our no upfront cost, monthly subscription model, allows our subscription partners the option to upgrade, purchase, or return their Plason whenever they want.

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Customers Love Plason!

"The Plason has totally improved my skin! I suffer from hormonal cystic acne and this treatment has been able to not only get rid of my unsightly cysts in a timely manner, but it also leaves my skin feeling so soft and looking so smooth. I’m wearing less makeup now than I have in years because I’m so happy with my even skin complexion all thanks to this treatment!"
Samantha L
"Not only has Plason kept my face acne free it also has helped my face stay super soft and supple. My skin has never looked so clear. When people ask what my secret to clear skin is I always tell them about the Plason!! Staff is always so nice and funny and knowledgeable and they really helped me come up with a plan specifically for my skin and what would be best!"
Tonia L
"Plason treatments kill the bacteria in your skin leaving you with a soft glow. I loved my esthetician Amanda so much! The treatment was comfortable and quick. Results can be instant and the treatments work preventatively as well. I recommend Plason to anyone with acne prone skin and a busy schedule!"
Claire K
"This treatment was very simple and quick. I was having some issues with very dry irritated skin. I had a treatment to help hydrate my skin. The next morning my skin was softer and more hydrated than ever. Almost all the flakiness was gone and the red irritated patches were gone. Great treatment!"
Tracy A
"The treatments are amazingly quick and pain-free. Plason treatments leave your skin smoother and more moisturized. It also helps acne heal faster and leave less of a scar. I would definitely recommend it!"
Stephanie Y
"I saw a noticeable difference in the texture of my problem-area skin after 6 treatments. A friend of mine with more acne-prone skin saw amazing improvement! It's non-invasive and super quick."
Lily K
"Love this treatment! My skin feels amazingly soft and there is a noticeable improvement in the fine lines and wrinkles on my forehead and eye area."
Kim P
"My skin is looking better already. My acne has definitely already gone down and my skin is looking smoother. I can't wait to see the next results!"
Courtney P
"It's been amazing, thank you so much! My skin looked airbrushed yesterday."
Gemma S
"My skin looks fabulous, definitely smoother!"
Tara J

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Frequently Asked Questions

The device is very safe. It is FDA-Registered and used throughout the world. It is available for all skin types and tones and has no reported adverse reactions.

The Plasmaporation handpiece releases plasma radicals and ions onto the skin, which bind to bacteria and germs, breaking down their molecular structure and completely cleansing the skin from the inside out. At the same time, Plasmaporation temporarily relaxes the cell adhesion molecules which allows the skin’s absorption rate to skyrocket, meaning any serum applied will reach the depth of the dermis where it is needed the most. We use Sonoporation (ultrasound and acoustic streaming) to help deliver this serum which in turn stimulates fibroblasts and improves the skin’s elasticity. Although Plason has been clinically proven to improve active acne by 27% and reduce sebum production by 25%, it is far from just an acne device. Plasma technology is also clinically proven to increase skin tightness, improve dermal density, as well as deeply hydrate skin and reduce hyperpigmentation when combined with the appropriate serum.

The Plasmaporation handpiece works by releasing plasma radicals and ions into the skin. There are two different caps: a large cap for areas of the face like the cheeks, and a small cap for areas that are harder to reach, e.g. the sides of the nose. The Plasmaporation handpiece has two different modes: Pulse and Continuous. Pulse Mode has three settings, delivering precise pulses of energy either 2, 15, or, 40 times a second. Continuous Mode delivers a constant flow of energy as long as the button is pressed. It is recommended to always use Continuous Mode where possible for best results.

The Sonoporation handpiece is used to send pulses of stable ultrasound into the tissue which produces subtle heat and vibrations within the skin. The end of the tip is concave to achieve the Sono effect, as well as to contain serums while pushing them into the skin. The Sonoporation handpiece has three different modes: Pulse, Continuous, and Auto Mode. Pulse Mode delivers the ultrasound in either 1:1 (P1) or 3:1 (P2) on/off intervals. Continuous Mode delivers the ultrasound as long as the button is pressed. Finally, Auto Mode combines P1, P2, and Continuous mode for five seconds each.

Sonoporation technology utilizes stable acoustic (sound) waves with frequencies that are significantly higher than the range of human hearing. The sonoporation handpiece is used to send pulses of ultrasound into the tissue which produces subtle heat and vibrations within the skin and tissue. This, when combined with the plasmaporation treatment, allows Plason to deliver serums to the depth of the dermis without the need for injections. Additionally, with the application of the sonoporation handpiece, Plason is able to stimulate fibroblasts, increase collagen production, and enhance skin elasticity. Sonoporation also facilitates the discharge of melanin and impurities from the skin, aiding with both acne and hyperpigmentation.

Cell absorption and product delivery are increased with the application of the sonoporation treatment. The sonoporation treatment should be applied after the plasmaporation treatment in conjunction with a transdermal serum in order to drive essential ingredients and nutrients to the dermis, improving skin health and treatment outcomes. Product absorption is improved by 60-120x when applied post-plasmaporation.

Plasmaporation caps: small & large (used with both the PlasmaClear® and PlasmaFacial treatments), and Eclado Rescuer Serums: Hydra Complex, Cica Pore, Filagen, and Multivitamin (used only with the PlasmaFacial treatment).

The primary benefits of Plason are the reduction of active acne, reduction of sebum production, improved collagen remodeling, increased skin tightness, improved skin appearance, and other key benefits (including deep hydration, brightening, and improved collagen) when combined with the appropriate serums. In clinical studies, Plason is proven to be very effective. While the results are generally visible immediately, we typically recommend about 5-6 sessions, with maintenance treatments as needed.

Plason is painless, with some clients describing it as rather pleasant.

Anyone looking to improve the overall condition of their skin, decrease acne, reduce fine lines and pigmentation, improve skin tightness, reduce sebum production, and reduce overall signs of aging.

PlasmaClear® treatments usually last about 5 minutes depending on the area. PlasmaFacial treatments last approximately 30 minutes.

Yes, Plason is used to treat cystic or hormonal acne. The recommended treatment plan for severe cases of acne is 2-3 treatments in the first week, then once a week for the rest of the treatment series.

  • Pregnancy/Breastfeeding
  • Under 18 Years of age (need parent or guardian approval)
  • Pacemaker or internal defibrillator
  • Cancer or cancer treatments in the past 5 years (seek physician’s approval)
  • Surgery on the treated area in the past 3 months (seek physician approval)
  • Poorly controlled endocrine disorders, such as diabetes or thyroid dysfunction
  • Permanent implants in that area such as metal, screws, or silicone implants
  • Botox (wait at least 2 weeks)
  • Fillers (wait at least 2 days)

    PLEASE NOTE: If you present with a serious health concern not listed, please consult with your physician before receiving Plason treatments.

Our clinical studies show the following: all subjects saw an improvement in skin quality, 27% improvement in acne on average over six weeks, 25% reduction in sebum oil production, and a 15% increase in dermal density in 4 weeks. There were no adverse reactions reported throughout the entirety of the testing period, and of the participant pool, there were no non-responders.

Your technician will provide you with everything you need, however, if you are planning to be outdoors after your treatment please bring a hat given you cannot apply anything topically (including SPF) post-treatment.

It is best to workout before your Plason treatment, as when the treatment is over, your skin absorption rate will be significantly increased and therefore you must avoid collecting sweat on the face for a minimum of 4-6 hours afterward.

The first results are generally visible from the first session and often very encouraging. Best results appear after a complete protocol of six treatments.

Results will depend on the session, individual, lifestyle, and other factors. Your practitioner will discuss your treatment goals with you during your initial appointment to appropriately manage expectations and treatment recommendations.

You can maintain lasting results by scheduling regular maintenance treatments and following your practitioner’s guidance with regard to home care.

Yes, Plason is FDA-Registered and clinically proven to improve active acne and skin tightness, reduce sebum production, and increase dermal density.

Due to the dramatic increase in the skin’s absorption rate to the depth of the dermis after a plasmaporation treatment, only transdermal serums may be used for a PlasmaFacial treatment. Artemis currently offers a suite of four serums from the Eclado Rescuer series covering major indications including Acne/Sensitivity, Anti-Aging/Collagen Production, Brightening/Anti-Hyperpigmentation, and Deep Hydration.

You sure can. Many customers enjoy treating acne and other concerns on their back, scalp, and elsewhere on their bodies.

People want results fast! The plasmaporation technology kills off acne-producing bacteria in five minutes so extending the treatment time is unnecessary (unless you’re providing a PlasmaFacial treatment that utilizes sonoporation and serums).

Yes, and many do so in order to increase their revenue per customer visit! A good pairing of Plason is with other facial modalities like microneedling, LED light therapy, laser treatments, and more depending on desired treatment outcomes.

Yes, as long as they present with no contraindications anyone can use Plason regardless of Fitzpatrick rating.

Sterilization, purification, increased absorption, anti-hyperpigmentation, and skin regeneration.

Yes! Accutane is not contraindicated.

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