Partner FAQ

A trained partner who offers Plason treatments to the public. This could be in an existing retail location or a new business.

Yes. We provide virtual training for Plason.

Yes, Plason is FDA-Registered and clinically proven to improve active acne and skin tightness, reduce sebum production, and increase dermal density.

Plasmaporation caps: small & large (used with both the PlasmaClear and PlasmaFacial treatments), and Eclado Rescuer Serums: Hydra Complex, Cica Pore, Filagen, and Multivitamin (used only with the PlasmaFacial treatment).

The Plasmaporation handpiece works by releasing plasma radicals and ions into the skin. There are two different caps: a large cap for areas of the face like the cheeks, and a small cap for areas that are harder to reach, e.g. the sides of the nose. The Plasmaporation handpiece has two different modes: Pulse and Continuous. Pulse Mode has three settings, delivering precise pulses of energy either 2, 15 or, 40 times a second. Continuous Mode delivers a constant flow of energy as long as the button is pressed. It is recommended to always use Continuous Mode where possible for best results.

The Sonoporation handpiece is used to send pulses of stable ultrasound into the tissue which produces subtle heat and vibrations within the skin. The end of the tip is concave to achieve the Sono effect, as well as to contain serums while pushing them into the skin. The Sonoporation handpiece has three different modes: Pulse, Continuous, and Auto Mode. Pulse Mode delivers the ultrasound in either 1:1 (P1) or 3:1 (P2) on/off intervals. Continuous Mode delivers the ultrasound as long as the button is pressed. Finally, Auto Mode combines P1, P2, and Continuous mode for five seconds each.

Due to the dramatic increase in the skin’s absorption rate to the depth of the dermis after a plasmaporation treatment, only transdermal serums may be used for a PlasmaFacial treatment. Artemis currently offers a suite of four serums from the Eclado Rescuer series covering major indications including Acne/Sensitivity, Anti-Aging/Collagen Production, Brightening/Anti-Hyperpigmentation, and Deep Hydration.

People want results fast! The plasmaporation technology kills off acne-producing bacteria in five minutes so extending the treatment time is unnecessary (unless you’re providing a PlasmaFacial treatment that utilizes sonoporation and serums).

Yes, and many do so in order to increase their revenue per customer visit! A good pairing of Plason is with other facial modalities like microneedling, LED light therapy, laser treatments, and more depending on desired treatment outcomes.

Yes, we have a few payment plan options. You can:
a) Buy the machine outright
b) Finance the machine
c) Get a machine for $0 down and subscribe with us (if you qualify)

Yes! CLICK HERE to schedule a phone call with a member of our sales team.

Achieve clearer skin.